Russia acknowledges it’s used ‘vacuum bombs’ on Ukrainians

Russia confirmed that it’s used so-called “vacuum bombs” during its campaign in Ukraine, Fox News reported Wednesday.

Confirmation of the use of thermobaric bombs came via the U.K. Ministry of Defense.

“The impact of the [bomb] is devastating,” the Ministry of Defense said in a video.

“It can destroy infrastructure and cause significant damage to internal organs and flash burns, resulting in death to those exposed.”

The thermobaric weapons have a two-stage detonating process which uses surrounding oxygen to initiate a blast wave far more potent than a conventional explosive.

In the first stage, The Washington Post noted, an aerosol of fuel and metal shards is released.

Then, a charge ignites the aerosol. The subsequent explosion produces intense heat and the blast wave that makes the weapons so destructive.

Due to their massive blast radius, Human Rights Watch has said the weapons can be “prone to indiscriminate use.”

Whether or not Russia has used the weapons has been a source of contention since the invasion began.

On Feb. 28, Ukrainian ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova told reporters Russian forces had used the weapons after meeting with Congress.

“They should pay, they should pay a heavy price,” she said.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also said she’d discussed Russia’s use of the weapons with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We talked about weapons that Putin is using, weapons prohibited in the Geneva Conventions, including cluster bombs and vacuum bombs, which caused severe suffering,” she said.

However, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby also said Wednesday that he’d seen “no indications” of thermobaric bomb use in Ukraine.