Road rage incident leads to 9-year-old Houston girl being shot in the head

A 9-year-old Ashanti Grant was shot in the head during a road rage incident on Tuesday and is now in critical condition at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Grant was traveling with her family through southwest Houston when they were caught between two vehicles that were apparently racing.

One of the vehicles then pulled behind the Grant’s vehicle and several shots were fired, one of which hit Ashanti Grant in the head. While she thankfully survived, she is in critical condition.

Elaine Williams, Ashanti Grant’s grandmother, said that “You’re just numb. You cry so much. There’s no more tears next. She’s the sweetest little angel. There’s nothing you can do but just pray and ask everybody else to pray for her.”

Williams went on to implore Houston residents to action saying, “This guy is still on the streets somewhere. He knows what he did. Somebody pick up the phone, even if you’re related to them. You have to think about this kid, and how we feel that she’s in the hospital fighting for her life. A bullet went in her head.”

While Ashanti Grant battles for her life, Houston law enforcement is searching for the individual responsible for this senseless shooting.

The shooter was driving in a white GMC Denali, but outside of that, there is little information available. Hopefully, those responsible will soon be brought to justice.