Rittenhouse BOMBSHELL Exposed – Kamala Gets Desperate – Biden Mental Collapse

The more I learn about the men that attacked Kyle Rittenhouse on that night in Kenosha, the more I wonder why Rittenhouse is on trial and not them.

An exclusive report by the Daily Mail reveals the identity of “Jump Kick Man,” the individual that directed a vicious kick at Rittenhouse, and drew fire from the beleagered teenager. And no surprise, he’s a convicted felon with an open charge of domestic violence against him.

So to recap, Rittenhouse was attacked by a violent abuser, a child sex offender, and two other violent criminals with long police records. Everyone who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse was a criminal – he was the only one involved without a police record.

I have very little sympathy for the men who attacked Rittenhouse and were shot. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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