Republicans introduce legislation to strip leftist teachers union of its Congressional charter

Representative Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI) has introduced a bill that will strip the National Education Association of its congressional charter, a move that would be a devastating blow to leftist control of our education system. 

Fitzgerald, alongside Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), introduced the National Educational Association Charter Repeal Act on Thursday.

The NEA is the largest teachers union in America and is the only labor union in the nation that has a congressional charter.

The charter was originally established in 1906. The organization’s mission was to “elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching and promote the cause of education in the United States.”

Fitzgerald believes that the “National Education Association has strayed far from its original mission” and thus is no longer deserving of its congressional charter and the status that brings the NEA.

Fitzgerald continued saying, “Rather than supporting students, the NEA consistently put the interests of progressive teachers unions over the learning of students. It is time for Congress to say enough is enough and revoke the NEA’s federal charter.”

The NEA is a political organization that doesn’t hold the interests of American families above their own. The pandemic and the subsequent behavior of teacher’s unions exposed this reality to many Americans who were unaware of just how deep of a hold the left has on our culture.

Representative Jim Banks was no kinder in his assessment of the NEA. Banks said, “There is now no daylight between the NEA’s agenda and the radical left’s agenda. Worst of all, the NEA strongly supports teaching 5-year-old children about adult sexual behavior. Their mission used to be education, now it’s indoctrination and pitting American children against their parent’s values.”

The NEA has happy to throw American children under the bus during the pandemic and is now vigorously defending grooming them. The NEA must be held accountable, and that begins with revoking its Congressional charter.