Report: Secret Service claims it has “no records” of visitors to Biden’s Delaware residences

According to a report from the New York Post, the United States Secret Service has claimed that it has “no records” of any visitors to President Joe Biden’s two Delaware residences.

During his first year in office, Biden spent approximately a quarter of his time at his homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, but nothing is known about who came by for official meetings or less formal lobbying attempts — such as members of his family and their acquaintances.

The Post requested visitor log records for more than a year, including for Biden’s first year in office, but Secret Service Freedom of Information Act officer Kevin Tyrrell responded on Monday, saying that “the Secret Service FOIA Office searched all Program Offices that were likely to contain potentially responsive records, and no records were located.”

Hunter Biden, the first son of Vice President Joe Biden, is being investigated for alleged tax fraud and unregistered foreign lobbying after repeatedly seeking business in nations where his father had power.

With his uncle Jim Biden, the younger Biden worked on some international projects.

According to documents and images recovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, he presented his father to business associates from China, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine, including at the vice president’s Washington house.

During his first year in office, Biden was at one of his Delaware homes for 99 days, including for official business like an Oct. 24 breakfast where he and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) lobbied centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to support Biden’s Build Back Better Act social spending plan.

The president has spoken about how his houseguests impact his policy decisions on occasion. In January, for example, Biden claimed that a family friend taught him about growing prices in the face of four-decade-high inflation.