Report: Prosecutors open grand jury probe into Trump’s handling of classified records

The witch hunt never ends.

A grand jury investigation into how classified information ended up in former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida has reportedly been launched.

According to the New York Times, prosecutors participating in the investigation have issued subpoenas to the National Archives and Records Administration for the classified documents in question, as well as requests for interviews with former Trump administration officials.

As per the report, the subpoena was issued recently and corresponded with a slew of other demands for data from the National Archives by the Justice Department. The investigation was spurred by the discovery of sensitive information in a pile of 15 boxes acquired from Trump’s resort in January by National Archives investigators.

After learning that Trump acquired some presidential records, including notes from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and former President Barack Obama, National Archives personnel contacted him.

Upon investigating the 15 boxes, National Archives employees discovered data that was labeled “classified national security information” and submitted the matter to the Justice Department.

In 2016, Trump chastised then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, alleging that she mismanaged classified information on her personal email account.

Clinton was the subject of an FBI investigation at the time, but she was never charged criminally. In reaction to revelations of the 15 boxes at Mar-a-Lago, Trump brought up Clinton’s handling of secret information once more, as an example of the double standard that always accompanies such cases.