President Biden has only done one media interview so far in 2022

After establishing records with his rare media appearances last year, President Joe Biden has made himself even less available for media interviews so far this year.

Vice President Kamala Harris so far in 2022, has given at least six media interviews, significantly more than her boss.

From January 1 through April 13, 2022, The President has only given one formal interview, which was the traditional pre-Super Bowl presidential interview with NBC’s Lester Holt two months ago.

According to data from Towson University’s White House Transition Project, Biden had already set new lows for the number of media interviews he did in his first year in office, with only 22 sit-downs compared to Donald Trump’s 92 and Barack Obama’s 156.

Biden’s sole other non-media interview came in late February when he sat down with historian Heather Cox Richardson for a pleasant chat. In his first year, the 46th president also held fewer press conferences, with only 10 compared to Trump’s 22 and Obama’s 27.

Biden, on the other hand, outperformed his immediate predecessors in terms of “Informal Question and Answer Sessions,” with 225, more than Trump and Obama combined, but not nearly as many as Bill Clinton’s 255 in his first year.

As per data from the University of California Santa Barbara’s The American Presidency Project, Biden conducted four official news conferences, two of which were solo and two of which were joint with global leaders, in addition to his one and only media interview in 2022.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who has done at least six interviews in 2022, has outpaced Biden in terms of interviews so far this year.

On Tuesday, Harris gave three interviews to NBC News, one to CBS News, one to MSNBC, and one to the local ABC affiliate in Philadelphia.

The White House did not immediately answer Fox News’ questions on why the president hasn’t done more media interviews if any are planned in the coming weeks, and why the vice president has been more accessible for interviews than the commander in chief.