Police: 11-year-old Indiana boy dies in a fireworks incident

Police in Indiana said that an 11-year-old boy died on Sunday night after he was injured in a “fireworks incident.”

According to a press release shared by the Indiana State Police on Monday, The child, identified as Camrynn Ray McMichael of Mt. Vernon was playing with fireworks around 9:42 p.m. when he was “seriously injured” by fireworks on Sunday night.

Camrynn passed away from his wounds on the way to an Evansville hospital.

The release states that “this is an ongoing investigation.”  The morgue will conduct an autopsy on Tuesday, July 5.

Among a group of adults lighting fireworks, Sgt. Todd Ringle of the Indiana State Police told TODAY Parents that Camrynn was the only child present.

Camrynn’s mother, Kyrra Lynn, revealed to TODAY Parents that her son loved playing basketball, football, and soccer.

“He was dedicated, hard-working, (on the) honor roll, and never got in trouble, and if he did it’s because he wanted to make everyone laugh. No matter the situation he tried to be happy,” she said.

That night, Camrynn was playing with fireworks and was “gone in the blink of an eye.”

The boy also loved his little sister, Karmynn Louise. “He protected her as a big brother should,” said Lynn. “He’s every parent’s dream of a boy.”

Karmynn Louise, his younger sister, was likewise adored by the boy. “As a good big brother should, he protected her, he’s every parent’s dream of a boy,” added Lynn.

Camrynn attended MSD of Mt. Vernon Schools, where Matt Thompson is the superintendent. In a message to TODAY Parents, he stated:

“The MSD of Mount Vernon is saddened by the loss of Camrynn. We are finalizing plans to provide grief counseling later this week for students and staff. It is tragic to lose such a young, energetic life and we hope to support those impacted by his loss to the best of our abilities.”