Trump circle rocked by Peter Navarro arrest by FBI

On Friday, the FBI detained former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro, following on a referral by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, which had held him in contempt for refusing to testify at the politicized January 6 Committee.

The arrest came just one day after Navarro promised on MSNBC’s left-wing program that if Republicans take Congress in the midterm elections, which they are anticipated to accomplish, he would lead attempts to advocate President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

In March, Congress found Navarro and former White House communications aide Dan Scavino in contempt, accusing them of refusing to testify based on the committee’s false accusations that he had not tried to comply.

At the time, Breitbart News noted:

In interviews, Navarro has stated openly that Trump supporters planned to stage a peaceful protest at the Capitol to urge Congress and Vice President Mike Pence to reject the certification of Electoral College votes from states where the Trump campaign was contesting the results.

Navarro claimed that the violence that occurred interfered with the plan and insured its failure, contrary to the claims of the January 6 committee.

Navarro is one of several witnesses who has filed a federal lawsuit against the committee, alleging that it is acting as a law enforcement agency, violating the separation of powers, and violating the conditions of its own enabling resolution.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House, took the extraordinary action of refusing to seat several Republican members of the committee.

Pelosi hand-picked the committee of seven Democrats and two Republicans after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) withdrew all of his nominations in retaliation, despite the resolution’s requirement of eight Democrats and five Republicans.