Pelosi PASSES It With 221 VOTES – Top Democrat Dead – Liberal Media Star QUITTING

Nancy Pelosi knows that the majority of Americans are appalled at the idea of paying illegal immigrants 450k each for breaking our laws, she just doesn’t care.

And she’s using every bit of her power to make sure that Americans don’t have a voice on this issue. Just The News reports:

House Democrats have blocked consideration of a bill that would have prevented taxpayers from paying $450,000 to illegal immigrants as part of a settlement with parents who were allegedly separated from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border under the Trump administration.

There were 221 Democrats who voted Friday evening to block consideration of McClintock’s bill by “advancing the previous question” on the House floor, according to the spokesperson.

It’s one thing to secretly enable the border disaster by inaction. It’s another to actively give away taxpayer money as a reward to law breakers.

And it’s electoral suicide. The only conclusion I can draw is that Nancy has already given up on 2022, and she’s trying to do as much damage as she can before she goes down in flames.

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Former Senator Max Cleland is dead. Cleland lost both legs and one arm to a grenade blast in Vietnam but still rose to the position of Senator from Georgia.

NBC anchor and notorious liar Brian Williams is retiring from NBC by the end of the year. Remember when this guy invented fake stories about being on a helicopter hit by a rocket in the Iraq war? He won’t be missed.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan would make the US income tax the highest in the developed world. That’s insane – are we going to have to move to Europe to survive?

Joe Manchin is one of two remaining Democrats who have any common sense or moral backbone. This has made him the most powerful Democrat in DC, and the woke mob is absolutely devastated by that fact.

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South Dakota is a beautiful place, but I never thought of going there in the winter. Maybe I was wrong.

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