Over 200 Marines have been fired for failing to comply with Biden’s vax mandate

Joe Biden promised to shut down the virus. But just about the only thing he’s shutting down is our constitutional rights. If you don’t bow to his rules, you’re no longer welcome – even if you’re an American hero.

Today we learned that over 200 U.S. Marines have been fired for not complying with an order to take the rapidly waning Covid vaccine.

“To date, 206 Marines have been separated from the Marine Corps with the vaccine refusal discharge code,” reads a recent Marine Corps press release.

And there’s thousands more who are on the chopping block.

Breitbart reports:

…5 percent of active Duty Marines are still not vaccinated. Out of a roughly 180,000 active-duty force, that is about 9,000 Marines.

The deadline for Marine reservists passed on December 28, with 14% of Marine reservists not vaccinated. With approximately 35,500 Marine reservists, that is about 5,000 additional Marines who may be separated.