Ottawa declares state of emergency to deal with Freedom Convoy | and more…

Things are about to get interesting in Ottawa this week. As the Canadian truckers continue to protest for freedom and bodily autonomy, their tyrannical government is getting ready for an epic crackdown.

The Daily Wire reports:

The mayor of Canada’s capital city has declared a state of emergency after truckers shut down the city’s downtown for more than a week to protest COVID-19 rules.

The protesters have virtually shut down downtown Ottawa near Parliament Hill and are now demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau end all national mandates.

Speaking to Canadian radio station CFRA, Mayor Watson said the capital is “out of control” and that the truckers were behaving “insensitively” by “blaring horns and sirens, [setting off] fireworks and turning it into a party,” the New York Post reported.

Meanwhile, anti-freedom protestors are trying to provoke violence to provide an excuse for the military to start cracking heads.

Stay strong truckers, you’re going to need our prayers.

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