‘Old man out’: Kazakhstan has collapsed, entire government resigns

In breaking news, the government of Kazakhstan has collapsed, sending the Russia-bordering country into a state of emergency.

The oil-rich country, which is the ninth-largest in the world by landmass, was plunged into chaos when the government lifted price controls on liquified natural gas, which much of the country uses to power its vehicles.

While Joe Biden hasn’t come out of his basement to comment on the developing situation yet, the sight of a government overthrown due to high energy prices can’t be a welcome thing for his administration, which has overseen a massive increase in gas prices since inauguration day.

Yahoo reports:

Protesters breached Kazakhstan’s largest airport Wednesday, sending staff fleeing and disrupting flights, BBC reports.

They also set fire to Kazakhstan’s presidential residence Wednesday as protests continued to intensify.

Protests erupted Sunday and quickly spread throughout the country after the government announced that the price of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), which many Kazakhs use for automotive fuel, would nearly double in the country’s western Mangistau region.

Tokayev announced late Tuesday that he was reimplementing the price controls on LPG, which hold the going rate to less than half the market price. It appears, though, that this was too little too late. Protesters had begun demanding political reforms, chanting “Old man out!” in reference to former President Nursultan Nazarbayev, an authoritarian leader who remains influential behind the scenes.