NSA is tracking Tucker Carlson [VIDEO] | Joe Biden’s Creepy Whisper Problem | Conservative News Extinction Event

1) Tucker Carlson is being tracked by the NSA.

The deep state has proven that it’s capable of violating the rights of ordinary Americans time and time again, which is why we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re going after one of their most dangerous enemies – Fox host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson himself broke the news. Watch:

2. Joe Biden’s Whispering Is Getting Really Creepy

I have no idea why Joe Biden is suddenly whispering creepily into the mic every time his handlers let him go up there, but it’s getting really really creepy.

Look, it’s very obvious that Joe is crumbling mentally. But if the media wants to keep that hidden from the American public, they better do a better job of it. Watch below:

3. Conservative Media is facing an extinction event

If it wasn’t for conservative media, we’d live in a world where the left could manipulate everything with no consequences. The Hunter Biden story, Cuomo’s nursing homes, Fauci’s emails, and all the other stories that give patriots hope and discomfit the left would have all been buried.

That’s why it’s so disturbing that the media recession following Trump’s loss seems to be crushing conservative media.

Axios reports:

Web traffic, social media engagement and app user sessions suggest that while the entire news industry is experiencing a slump, right-wing outlets are seeing some of the biggest plunges.

  • A group of far-right outlets, including Newsmax and The Federalist, saw aggregate traffic drop 44% from February through May compared to the previous six months, according to Comscore data.
  • Lefty outlets including Mother Jones and Raw Story saw a 27% drop.
  • Mainstream publishers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Reuters dropped 18%.

I hate the fact that Axios showed their biased by putting the “far-right” label on conservative outlets, but regardless of the source, the trend is concerning. Journalism isn’t free, and without 44% of the users and traffic, many conservative media organizations are just going to go bankrupt.

We already have an overwhelming imbalance of money, power and resources in the media. This is going to make it worse.

Conservatives, it’s time to step up and support conservative media!