NFL Star Facing Serious Charges After Alleged Attack In Las Vegas

New Orleans Saints superstar running back Alvin Kamara is facing serious charges after an altercation in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Kamara, who played in the Pro Bowl at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, was reportedly caught on video surveillance punching a man eight times in a Las Vegas casino, ESPN reported. 

The police report further indicated “Kamara’s associates proceeded to stomp on him several more times on the ground in a Las Vegas casino Saturday morning,” ESPN reported.

The alleged victim was rendered unconscious and sustained an orbital fracture to his right eye, in addition to other injuries.

The Saints star was taken into custody inside Allegiant Stadium after the game on Sunday evening.

After an interview by police, he was arrested and charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

He posted bail and was released on Sunday evening, according to a media release by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Police said in the statement that the “investigation is still ongoing.”

The account the alleged gave, police said, matched up with surveillance video.

The incident happened at the Cromwell Casino at Drais After Dark Club at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning. The alleged victim said he’d started a conversation with a member of a group of people waiting for an elevator.

“When the elevator doors opened, the man started to walk toward the elevator along with the large party,” ESPN reported. “But a man later identified as Kamara put his hand on the victim’s chest to stop him.”

When the man brushed Kamara’s hand off, the report said, the man recalled being pushed by Kamara and stumbling backwards. That’s when the attack allegedly occurred.

Kamara said the man had verbally insulted a member of the group and then saw a scuffle break out next to him. He told police he punched the alleged victim because the man was running away and had potentially done something to his entourage.

The police report says video shows the man wasn’t running away, however.

Police said Kamara was a suspect in the attack on Saturday. However, he wasn’t arrested until after the Pro Bowl since “there was a delay in reporting due to the victim receiving treatment.”