Newly resurfaced video shows Biden admin ‘disinformation czar’ singing: ‘Who do I f–k to be famous and powerful?’

A newly resurfaced video shows the Biden administration’s choice to lead the new Disinformation Governance Board singing a vulgar parody of a 1990s Christmas song.

The clip, which was unearthed late last week by Breitbart, appears to have been first posted to YouTube in December 2015.

“I want to be rich, famous, and powerful! Step on all my enemies and never do a thing,” Jankowicz can be heard singing in the clip.

“Who do I f–k to be famous and powerful? I’ve done everything I can and now the rest is up to you,” she adds.

Jankowicz was singing a parody of the song “My Simple Christmas Wish (Rich, Famous, and Powerful),” a 1998 Christmas song by David Friedman.

In parodying the song, Jankowicz replaced the line “Who do I have to fake?” with “Who do I f–k?”

As the New York Post noted, it’s not the first time in recent days that Jankowicz’s singing has garnered attention.

“On Friday a cringeworthy video of her emerged on TikTok adapting the ‘Mary Poppins’ classic ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ into a song about fake news and disinformation,” the outlet said.

In the Mary Poppins parody, Jankowicz sings about “information laundering” and the “origins” of disinformation.

“Information laundering is really quite ferocious. It’s when a huckster takes some lies and makes them sound precocious, by saying them in Congress or a mainstream outlet, so disinformation’s origins are slightly less atrocious,” she sings.

“It’s how you hide a little, hide a little, little, little lie, it’s how you hide a little, little lie, it’s how you hide a little, little, little lie,” she adds.

“When Rudy Giuliani shared bad intel from Ukraine. Or when TikTok influencers say COVID can’t cause pain. They’re laundering disinfo and we really should take note. And not support their lies with our wallet, voice or vote – oh!”

Some critics have raised concerns that Jankowicz, the Biden administration’s so-called “disinformation czar,” won’t exactly be a neutral observer when it comes to discerning what is and is not disinformation.

“Jankowicz previously cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story while falsely claiming that an intelligence community report on foreign meddling referenced it. In particular, she played a key role in trying to shoot down reports by the New York Post about the contents of the laptop believed to have belonged to the younger Biden,” the Washington Examiner reported.