New Jersey Election BOMBSHELL – Dems REJECT Biden – 3 Huge Losses For Libs

1) There’s something fishy about the New Jersey governor’s race. Alex Berenson writes:

As I write this, media outlets have just declared that Phil Murphy has won New Jersey’s race for governor.

Murphy has less than a 1 percentage point lead, and a significant number of votes remain uncounted. Nonetheless, the Associated Press was eager to declare the election settled – no doubt in part because editors there knew that the longer it went without a declared winner, the more conspiracy theories would flourish.

Other media outlets were happy to follow. Whether they would have done so equally fast if Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican, had won, is an fine question – though irrelevant to this discussion.

The broader issue is that it should not be the media’s job to call a final winner in a very close race before election officials have counted all – or substantially all – of the votes. The AP is stepping in because the authorities have failed to do their jobs in a timely manner.

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2) Even Democrats hate Biden. Miranda Devine writes:

It turns out that siccing the FBI onto Mama Bear and Papa Bear is not a vote winner.

Nor is indoctrinating their children in the fine arts of racial hatred, homosexual pornography, gender neutrality and anti-Americanism.

The right of parents to have a say in what their children are taught in school wasn’t everything driving the red wave that swamped Democrats on Tuesday, but their school board battles exemplified the anti-woke backlash sweeping the country.

And, looming over every ballot, was Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency. Soaring gas prices, inflation, supply-chain shortages, rising crime, out-of-control illegal migration and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan are just a few of the self-inflicted debacles the president seems stubbornly determined to ignore.

So Tuesday became the “Brandon” election, as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dubbed it, referring to the new anthem of the disaffected: “Let’s go, Brandon.”

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3) Dems lose 3 big ones. Hugo Gordon writes:

Glenn Youngkin’s triumph in the Virginia governor’s race, turning the state red after its 12 years deep blue, is a triple defeat for the Democrats — a 3D catastrophe.

It was, to deal first with the small fry, a defeat for Terry McAuliffe and his cheap, revolting, and characteristic demagoguery. He sought to cast Youngkin as a white supremacist by, for example, saying his opposition to critical race theory was a racist “dog whistle.” He went along, until it was too embarrassing even for him, with the Lincoln Project’s sickening false-flag stunt sending Democratic workers with tiki torches to stand like some sort of fascist bodyguards next to Youngkin’s campaign bus.

The Virginia defeat was, secondly, a crushing repudiation of President Joe Biden by voters already up to here in frustration at his incompetence just across the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. Not just his incompetence, but also his dishonesty, for he has governed as a socialist sock puppet after he ran as a centrist who’d stand up to Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Squad rather than submit willingly to them.

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