Nasty Sex Scandal EXPOSED – Bloody Murder – Top Star FIRED Over Vax

1) Andrew Cuomo tell-all confirms that the “Love Gov” was a disgusting pig

New York’s former creep-in- chief Andrew Cuomo lives up to the billing of his sex accusers in a scathing new tome by his female former press secretary.

Well before Cuomo became known as an accused serial sex harasser, there was little he apparently considered taboo when it came to talking to his staff — spewing jokes about AIDS, lurid sex and even the seamy shenanigans of his then-in-laws the Kennedys, according to “Penis Politics,” an upcoming memoir by ex-aide Karen Hinton.

A damning probe by the state Attorney General’s Office backed up the women, saying Cuomo was guilty of engaging in “unwanted groping, kissing, hugging and making inappropriate comments” with current and former New York workers.

Cuomo was criminally charged by the Albany sheriff last month over allegations from one of his accusers, former gubernatorial aide Brittany Commisso, who says he groped her breast. The ex-gov was hit with “forcible touching,” a rap that carries up to a year behind bars.

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2) A liberal judge released an armed thug, who promptly killed another young man. How long are we going to allow this?

It never should’ve happened: A 17-year-old Bronx teen stands charged with the murder of another young man in a botched gang hit — after he was set free by a judge in a prior armed-robbery shooting.

The reputed gangbanger, Steven Mendez, shouldn’t have even seen the light of day: He’d pled guilty to being an accomplice in a violent 2020 armed robbery and faced up to four years behind bars — years prosecutors begged the judge to impose.

He had at least three other busts on his record, including a 2019 case where he allegedly slapped his own mother, pulling a loaded .357 on her.

But acting Bronx Supreme Court Justice Denis Boyle in May gave him only five years’ probation. New York law gives judges such discretion, though it won’t let judges require bail even in many gun cases.

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3) The purge continues as TV star is fired for not complying with vaccination mandate.

 Ingo Rademacher is out at General Hospital. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was fired for opposing the show’s recently imposed COVID-19 vaccination mandate. The actor has played Jasper “Jax” Jacks on the ABC soap opera on and off since 1996. His last episode is currently scheduled for Nov. 22.

Rademacher has long been outspoken about his stance against vaccines, and previously referred to General Hospital fans calling for him to be fired from the series as a result “morons, dictators, and horrible, horrible people” (per Deadline).

Yesterday, Rademacher took to Instagram to share a photo of himself, which he captioned, “I will stand with you for medical freedom. #nomandates #woke #coersionisnotconsent”

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