Nancy Pelosi is still obsessed with Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi is still obsessed with President Trump. In a very real sense, he’s living rent free in her head, over a year after the 2020 election.

In the latest evidence of this, Pelosi just forced a bill pointed at Trump through Congress, even knowing that it would die in the Senate.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Rep. Adam Schiff unveiled the legislation in September, with Schiff saying that Trump “made this legislation a necessity.”

“Disturbingly, the last administration saw our democracy in crisis with a rogue president who trampled over the guardrails protecting our Republic,” Pelosi said on the House floor ahead of the bill’s passage. “Now, Congress has the solemn responsibility and opportunity to safeguard our democracy, ensuring that past abuses can never be perpetrated by any president of any party.”

Republicans dismissed the bill as a Democratic preoccupation with Trump rather than a serious effort to strengthen checks and balances.

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