Nancy Pelosi is obsessed with January 6 | and more stories…

1) Nancy Pelosi just can’t quit January 6.

There are never-ending stories and there are never-ending stories. There is no better example of the latter than Nancy Pelosi’s continuing obsession with the January 6 Capitol “insurrection” and her subsequent silly Jan. 6 witch hunt. Now, we learn that Madam Speaker plans to continue her “hearings” into the new year.

The question remains, why doesn’t Pelosi realize the horse is dead and let it go? Because she can’t. Because she needs it. Desperately, so.

…Pelosi instinctively chose to do what Democrats always do when they fail: deflect and lie. When Democrats have no winning issues on which to run, they weaponize the levers of government to seek retribution against political opponents, as noted by The Federalist.

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2) We’re all going to get Omicron – but that means the end of the pandemic. Democrats aren’t ok with that.

But the rapid proliferation of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, especially in North America, means that pretty much everyone you know who hasn’t had COVID-19 will likely be getting it, no matter how many vaccines they have had, or how hard they have tried to prevent getting it.

But if you thought that this would spell the end of liberal COVID virtue signaling, the of the tarring of conservatives as anti-vaxxers and anyone who spoke up against the mixed messaging and closed schools as vectors of disease and death, you would be wrong.

Why the need to go into detail about never having sinned? Some are saying the quiet part aloud: “There is a strange feeling of shame and embarrassment around us getting covid,” as one person admitted. “We did everything we thought was right to avoid it- masks, tests, vaccines, boosters- and we still got it.”

“As an ultra-cautious, triple vaccinated, always-masker I was shocked and very afraid,” another tweeted. “To my surprise, I also felt ashamed. And embarrassed. How could *I* have let this happen? How could *I* have put my family at risk?”

These people want you to know they are the “good” Americans, those who wear two or three masks, didn’t see family, travel or socialize for two years, and didn’t leave their houses. “We did everything right,” followed all the rules, and still got it!

It’s the new confessional, not Catholic but COVID. “Forgive me, Dr. Fauci, for I have sinned,” they cry out. And it’s not just individual citizens that are posting their COVID Confessions. It’s politicians and public health officials, journalists and other public figures. And it’s really weird.

These tweets and the culture they emerged from betray the truth about much of the “fight” against COVID that liberals seem unable to let go of, even when the virus comes for them. Rather than admit that a virus doesn’t care about your virtue, they experience getting infected with COVID as shameful—because they wanted others to feel shame.

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3) Biden is quietly remaking the Federal Judiciary. This is terrifying news for a number of reasons.

As of late December, the U.S. Senate has confirmed 40 federal judges nominated by President Joe Biden — 11 to the courts of appeals and 29 new district judges. There are 31 more nominees pending confirmation. They bring diversity to the bench, including firsts for some courts with Black women, Asian Americans and Native Americans. The White House says 78 percent of the new judges are women and 53 percent are people of color. More of them come from backgrounds as defense lawyers and civil rights lawyers than any previous administration’s judges.

The judicial confirmations form the mostly untold, unsung success story of the Biden administration.

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