Nancy Pelosi ATTACKS – Biden Creeps On Military Widow – Fox’s Shock Win

Nancy Pelosi is determined to preserve the “right” to kill babies, even if they have a detectable heartbeat.

Now that the state of Texas and the Supreme Court have allowed a “heartbeat” bill to pass, Pelosi is moving fast to crack down on those protections.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she will bring up a bill that would enshrine into federal law sweeping protections for abortion procedures, essentially codifying the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, when Congress returns later this month.

The bill Pelosi will bring up, called the Women’s Health Protection Act , would prohibit states from implementing many kinds of requirements or restrictions that abortion advocates argue infringe on reproductive rights.

Those include requirements to get an ultrasound prior to an abortion, requiring medically unnecessary in-person visits prior to the abortion, restricting providing abortion services via telemedicine, and restricting abortions at any point prior to fetal viability.

Make no mistake, this is the battle royale we’ve been waiting for. Pelosi’s bill may pass in the House, because Democrats have the majority. But it would need support from at least 10 Republicans in the Senate to overcome the filibuster.

“Reproductive rights” is a euphemism for killing a living child. It’s a shame that abortion restrictions aren’t more widespread, but if a state like Texas decides to do the right thing, Pelosi wants them to know that she’ll try to crush them.

It’s up to Senate Republicans to stop her.

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