Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swalwell criticized for flip-flop on “what is a woman”

‘So, women are a thing again?’: Liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swalwell have been criticized for not using the term ‘birthing people’ while addressing Roe v. Wade.

Just a moment…

“If the report is accurate, the Supreme Court is poised to inflict the greatest restriction of rights in the past fifty years – not just on women, but on all Americans,” Nancy Pelosi tweeted in response to the Politico article.

Rep. Eric Swalwell asked, “Are you ready to stand up for women? We will not agonize. We will organize. We will register the unregistered. Inspire the uninspired. And over the next six months, we will save our freedom. Fired up. Not letting it go.”:

But what happened to “birthing people”?

Because we were told, that “birthing people” is now the correct term:

“What are you some kind of biologist?” all of a sudden, Eric?

Or it’s not? It’s so confusing:

Funny how that happens:

And we expect Democrats to do everything they can to keep it that way – at least for the time being:

“Interesting how quickly the national discourse from the left went back to ‘women’s rights’ and away from ‘menstruators’ and ‘birthing people.'”