Mob STORMS Government – Biden Loses It – Kamala Does The Unthinkable

An unhinged mob just stormed a government building in an attack on democracy, public order and the fabric of the Republic itself. Surely the media is devoting itself to 24/7 coverage of the incident.

Oh wait. This happened days ago? With no media coverage? Whatever could be the difference between this and January 6?

Yes, you guessed it – it was leftists that formed the mob attacking a government building.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Environmentalist protesters attempting to occupy the Department of the Interior were arrested after storming the building.

Police arrested dozens of protesters Thursday from People vs. Fossil Fuels trying to storm the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building in Washington, D.C., as part of a weeklong demonstration against the Biden administration for not ending contracts for oil pipelines , among other demands.

There’s a dual system of justice in this country, so these protestors will be exonerated in no time. Meanwhile, the Republicans who dared to do the same will continue to rot in jail.

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