Merrick Garland Resignation News – Deep State Strikes – Biden CRUSHES America

1) Attorney General Merrick Garland needs to resign. At the least, he must recuse himself.

In 2012, Xan Tanner founded a company the purpose of which was to produce and administer surveys of entire school districts.

Tanner’s company produces extremely expensive surveys (he charged $288,000 to administer three questionnaires to Arlington Public Schools over five years) for several of the nation’s largest school districts. The answers that students, staff, and families give are in turn used to provide justification for various school policies. This includes curriculum decisions involving the toxic, racialist ideology known as critical race theory. For example, students have been asked whether they see their “culture and history” represented in the school. If they say they do not, then this can become an argument for someone else to use in changing what is taught or how the school is run.

So, why does Tanner’s living matter? Because he is the son-in-law to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Garland recently issued an explosive memo in response to the National School Board Association’s demand that parents upset over critical race theory and other toxic trends in public education be treated as domestic terrorists.

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2) The Deep State is real – and it’s striking at the heart of democracy in America. Matt Tabbai writes:

It’s relevant only because he’s representative of a generation of young, left-leaning intellectuals who grew up in the Trump years believing the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other such agencies to be trusted, straight-and-narrow defenders of democratic “norms.” These credulous kids with piercings and chin-beards who think the secret services are on their side are the fruits of one of the great P.R. campaigns of our time.

Six or seven years ago, “Deep State” was a term you would only see in left-leaning media. Bill Moyers explored the theme on his site from time to time, and when The Nation asked Edward Snowden about it, he said, “There’s definitely a deep state. Trust me, I’ve been there.”

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3) Biden is driving the economy off a cliff. Andy Puzder writes:

In addition to more than $1 trillion in so-called “hard” infrastructure spending, the Democrats want to spend trillions more on green energy subsidies and entitlements for people who choose not to work, all at a time when there are millions of unfilled job openings and shortages of basic inputs such as lumber and microchips. Stimulating the demand side of the economic equation without addressing deficiencies on the supply side will only drive prices up while keeping a tight leash on potential growth—in a word, stagflation.

You can’t “Build Back Better” without either workers or supplies. You would think that was fairly obvious, but apparently it is not.

Yet, none of this should come as any surprise to President Biden and his progressive policymakers. After all, they themselves contributed to the problem with $1.9 trillion in government handouts last March. Within a month, inflation surged past wage growth for the first time since before the Trump presidency. Now they want to double down on this gross economic error. Unfortunately, expecting different results with more of the same policies is a form of fiscal insanity that our country can ill afford.

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