Melania Trump is the subject of an investigation | and more…

They’re relentless. No matter what Donald Trump or his family does, his enemies will investigate it and try to throw them in jail for it.

In the latest example, The Hill reports that “Officials in Florida have reportedly opened an investigation into a fundraiser by former first lady Melania Trump…Trump is selling tickets to an April “high tea” event, from which organizers say profits will benefit an initiative of her Be Best endeavor called “Fostering the Future.” The initiative is meant to provide computer science scholarships to young people who have been in foster care…”

Melania has done nothing but try to help the less fortunate. Make no mistake, she’d never be the subject of scrutiny if she wasn’t married to the left’s most hated man in history, Donald Trump.

Using the government against private citizens for political reasons, isn’t just wrong, it’s criminal. It’s time to investigate the investigators.

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