Massive Explosion ROCKS Kabul – Hurricane Ida STRIKES – Twitter Drops Ban

Joe Biden already has the blood of 13 Americans and hundreds of Afghans on his hands, but there’s an extremely high risk of even more casualties in the next critical days in Kabul.

In shocking evidence of that, a massive explosion rocked Kabul earlier today as US forces took out a wannabe suicide bomber before he made it to the airport.

Fox reports:

The U.S. military conducted an airstrike against a vehicle carrying at least one suicide bomber who intended to target Kabul‘s international airport Sunday, a U.S. official confirmed.

The strike in a crowded neighborhood northwest of the airport set off “significant secondary explosions,” which indicated a “substantial amount of explosive material” inside the vehicle, Capt. Bill Urban, spokesman for U.S. Central Command, said in a statement. While the target was initially described as a vehicle-born improvised explosive device (IED), an official clarified that the explosives may have been worn by one or more bombers inside, rather than planted on the vehicle itself.

The U.S. military acted to intervene and prevent another event like the one that occurred Thursday when a suicide bomb killed 13 U.S. service members and 170 Afghan citizens.

It’s a nail-biting wait for Americans and especially the troops on the ground. How did we end up in such a horrible position. When and where will the next attack come? Will there be any accountability for this mess?

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