Lori Lightfoot denounces ‘toxicity in public discourse’ days after shouting ‘F**k Clarence Thomas!’

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is attempting to strike a more civil tone just days after cursing out Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Mayor Lightfoot stated specifically that “the toxicity in our public discourse is a thing that I think we should all be concerned about” in comments made on Tuesday.

Tuesday at an event, Lightfoot condemned assaults on police officers in her community and suggested that they were evidence of a “loss of respect for the institutions of our democracy.”

“That says to me that the people who are acting so brazenly have no not only no respect for themselves, but they don’t have respect for the institution like the police department, who men and women every single day on every watch, are literally risking life and limb for our safety,” Lightfoot said.

“But toxicity in our public discourse is a thing that I think we should all be concerned about, right?” Lightfoot added.

After making reference to the horrific shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, a north Chicago suburb, which left seven people dead and more than 30 injured, Lightfoot emphasized the value of “community” and urged locals to “respect” one another and “focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart.”

“That’s the thing I think that concerns me the most about what we’re seeing, really over the arc of these last two years- I get it. People are angry. They are frustrated. And they’re fearful,” Lightfoot said. “But we can’t let those things mean that we lose sight of each other’s humanity. We’ve got to find a common sense and a purpose.”

She later said, “every single person has a role to play in healing the wounds that are plaguing us in our country. And I just pray every single day that each of us will stand up and have that bravery of self and soul to do what is right at this moment. Because we desperately need that kind of healing.”