Lindsey Graham: “Biden folded like a cheap suit” on chemical weapons in Ukraine

Joe Biden is both weak and combative, a poor combination when you’re dealing with a potential WWIII. He’s inviting war with Putin, but then folding when the rubber hits the road.

Fox News reports:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Sunday that he would support declaring a no-fly zone over Ukraine if it is discovered that Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Graham, who has called for either the arrest or assassination of Putin, criticized President Biden’s recent decision to reject a plan to send 28 fighter jets from Poland into Ukraine lest it provoke Putin and risk escalating the war into a nuclear conflict.

“The Biden administration stopped that transfer. One minute they’re saying, ‘well they’re not using the planes we have but if we give them more it would be WWIII’,” Graham told “Sunday Morning Futures”host Maria Bartiromo. “What happened is Putin threatened Biden, and he folded like a cheap suit. Give them the planes.”

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