Liberals blame the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Roe v Wade overturn in BIZARRE argument

The landmark Roe v. Wade judgment, that legalized abortion in the US and sparked a worldwide debate, was overturned by the SCOTUS.

Of course, the populace is divided once more, with some supporting and others opposing the decision. Those opposed initially accused former President Donald Trump of wrongdoing by selecting three conservative justices while he was in office.

The focus of these individuals quickly shifted, though, to the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They did blame her, but they also singled out Barack Obama.

People pointed the finger at RBG, saying that she overstayed her welcome and that if she had retired sooner while President Obama was still in office, he would have had the chance to nominate another liberal justice.

She passed away in September 2020, though, and Trump seized the chance to select conservative Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. Some social media users claimed that RBG’s passing at the age of 87 gave Trump the opportunity to hire someone who favored his conservative viewpoints.

Editor of the New York Times Dorothy Samuels spoke with Politico about RBG.

She stated, “This is so multilayered because she cared so passionately about advancing equality for everybody. She figured out a way to get women to be part of the constitution.”

“And yet, what she has helped to give us is a court that for a long, long time is going to be undoing the equality rulings that she was part of. It was an extraordinarily self-centered thing to do,” she went on to say.

A safe replacement would have been in place before the 2012 elections if she had retired in 2012, as was initially requested. She was already dealing with pancreatic and colon cancer at this point. She simply ignored these pleas, sitting in the office as she had been doing.

Fans are now drawing attention to this fact and blaming it for the Supreme Court’s momentous Roe v. Wade decision.