Kamala Scandal STUNS Nation – Biden Covid News – Top Dem Freaks Out

We all knew that Kamala Harris was incompetent and unfit to hold her office. But while we may have suspected that she was corrupt, the evidence was lacking till now.

No more. Recent court filings have revealed that while serving as the Attorney General of the state of California, Harris colluded with top abortion industry officials to use the power of government to prosecute their enemies.

Fox News reports:

Recent statements and court documents indicate that when Vice President Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California, her office colluded with prominent abortion providers as she pursued a criminal case against pro-life journalist David Daleiden, his attorneys argue.

As attorney general, Harris took the unprecedented step of charging Daleiden with violating a state eavesdropping law. Part of the investigation entailed seizing a variety of materials from Daleiden’s apartment — including then-unreleased undercover video footage of Planned Parenthood.

Vice President Harris’ office did not respond to Fox News’ repeated requests for comment.

What Harris did is criminal. Americans have a right to expect their elected officials to use their judicial power impartially and fairly.

What Harris did was the opposite. She used her power as a law-enforcement officer to hunt down her political enemies and benefit private business interests that donated to her own campaign. She should immediately be impeached as vice president of the United States and criminal charges should follow.

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