Kamala In Panic Mode – Voter Fraud Bombshell – Black Leaders Turn On Biden

Kamala Harris is in full panic-mode – not because she’s failing as a leader (which she is) but because she’s failing to avoid leadership.

During the border crisis, which she was put in charge of, she hid from the media. During the Afghanistan crisis, she fled to Southeast Asia to avoid responsibility. Now, instead of participating in the crucial meetings between the US and Mexico, she’s visiting a daycare in New Jersey to read children’s books.

There’s two conclusions we can draw from this.

One, Kamala is afraid of leadership, because she knows that she’ll fail. That’s a good bet, considering that all she has to offer are empty platitudes and a hollow cackling laugh that makes everybody cringe.

Two, it could be that Kamala wants to be involved, but isn’t trusted by the Biden people, so she’s being purposefully given minor distractions like visiting daycares.

Either way, it’s becoming increasingly clear that she isn’t equipped for any type of leadership.

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