Kamala Harris Scandal – Joe Is Coughing – Company OWNS Biden

Kamala Harris wants you to think that she’s an anti-establishment “fighter” who cares about social justice.

The dirty truth? She’s a tool of the corporate establishment.

Look no further than a shady new lobbying and consulting firm called C Street Advisory Group, started by Kamala’s campaign team.

According to Axios: “A group of Vice President Kamala Harris’ campaign veterans is launching a strategy firm to help CEOs avoid getting “canceled” and to advise companies how to respond to changing cultural norms before they’re faced with a crisis.

…C Street is entering an emerging, competitive market with financing from Antara Capital, a hedge fund backed by Blackstone — a sign that big financial firms view the diversity field as a growing industry.”

It’s a cynical and nasty game. Create a race-obsessed culture that viciously cancels people at will, destroying lives and livelihoods and leaving a trail of cultural carnage in its wake. Then create a capitalistic firm that offers to “fix” the problem – for a hefty fee.

Kamala Harris and her ilk are a cancer on the Republic.

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