Kamala Harris DISGRACED – Human Remains Found – Dems Face WIPEOUT

Kamala Harris should be charged with dereliction of duty.

Entrusted with the job of managing the southern border, Harris instead decided to attend a college football game in the middle of the worst border crisis in American history.

The Daily Mail reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris spent her Saturday morning at coin toss at Howard University instead of dealing with the border crisis where the number of Hiaiti migrants camping underneath a Texas bridge has swelled to more than 14,000.

Harris has been tasked by President Joe Biden to deal with the overwhelming number of illegal migrants crossing into the United States – but so far, she hasn’t addressed the latest crisis to face the border. 

Instead, she made a surprise visit to her alma matter, Howard University, where she tossed the coin for the annual Howard-Hampton football game at Audi Field, in Washington D.C.  

Is this what counts as leadership in the Democrat party? Kamala Harris has done nothing but run from the big issues since she’s been in office. Has she no shame?

I think we know the answer.

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