Kamala Harris breaks 50-50 tie to confirm horrific Biden pick

Biden’s newest pick for U.S. Attorney is an absolute trainwreck, but that didn’t stop the Senate from voting for her 50-50, with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote to confirm her.

Rachel Rollins is the new U.S Attorney, and her record is a doozy.

The Daily Mail reports:

The controversies include a misdemeanor charge when she was a teenager, a row with a police union after she claimed cops ‘murder us with impunity’, and an incident in which she publicly told fellow DAs that she didn’t ‘have much time for more white men telling me what communities of color need.’

And in a shocking video, she was seen earlier this year angrily confronting a news crew after a motorist accused her of impersonated a police officer in a road rage incident.

In June of last year, when Rollins was Suffolk County DA, she spurred a bitter feud with a police officers’ union when she took to the podium at Boston City Hall and referred to cops as ‘murderers’.

Speaking after violent protests against police brutality, Rollins condemned attacks against police but said that she shared many of the protesters frustrations, saying cops ‘shoot us in the street as if we were animals’.

‘People are disgusted and outraged, and they should be,’ she added in her remarks, according to theĀ Boston Globe.

‘And it is completely ironic to have to say to you, ‘Please don’t be violent. Please keep your voice down. Please be silent and comply with all of the police’s requirements,’ when in fact it’s those very people that murder us with impunity. But that’s where we are right now.’

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association responded with fury, telling Rollins in an open letter: ‘While you quickly and cavalierly label all police officers murderers, the fact is that BPD officers responded to violent attacks against them with courage and restraint.

‘Instead of slandering our officers as murderers, you should be highlighting their professionalism and dedication to our city,’ the union’s leaders said.

Rollins fired back in a tweet, saying that her remarks were not ‘anti-police’ but rather ‘anti-police brutality’ and adding ‘White fragility is real, people.’

She’s unfit to be a top law enforcement officer period, full stop.