Kamala Harris ATTACKED – Mike Tyson Died – Rittenhouse Trial Shocker

Kyle Smith writes:

“When Kamala Harris considers movie titles that make people think of her, she probably goes straight to “Wonder Woman.” I have news for her: Every time she opens her mouth, people are wondering, “What Planet Are You From?”

“It’s pretty clear everyone in the White House hates her and is blame-leaking to every reporter around in hopes of emerging from this explosion in the stink-bomb factory without carrying any failure fragrance.”

“All politicians blather, but Harrisblather is like an air salad with vapor croutons and nullity dressing. She went all the way to France to offer insights like, “We must together. Work together. To see where we are. Where we are headed, where we are going and our vision for where we should be. But also see it as a moment to, yes. Together, address the challenges and to work on the opportunities that are presented by this moment.”

“I’m a columnist, so I recognize straining-to-make-a-word-count syndrome, but this is how she always is. Where did she learn to talk like this? Every time she speaks, it’s like watching Wile E. Coyote’s feet keep spinning madly even after he’s run off the cliff.”

“Why can’t a politician with years of service in the Senate manage to speak without sounding like a random word generator? Why does Harris laugh so awkwardly? Why does she keep wearing those rejected-by-Kohl’s pantsuits?”

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Among the most shocking revelations from the Rittenhouse trial – the prosecution’s star witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a career criminal with a history of domestic abuse, driving under the influence, and burglary. Not surprised.

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