Kamala Flees | Taliban Starts Bloody Revenge | And more…

Kamala Harris is absolutely desperate to avoid being associated with the Afghanistan debacle, despite the fact that she bragged about being a key factor in developing the plan to withdraw.

As events unfolded on the ground, Harris hid from the media, refusing to hold a press conference, and even reportedly saying, “you will not pin this s— on me.”

Now, she’s on the run, traveling to the other side of the world to escape the responsibility for the biggest foreign policy disaster since the fall of Saigon.

Fox reports:

The timing probably couldn’t be worse for the Biden administration. On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to embark on a trip across the Pacific that will include a stop in Vietnam.

The trip – which will be Harris’ second outside the U.S. since taking office – comes as the current crisis in Afghanistan has drawn many comparisons to the end of U.S. involvement in Vietnam in the 1970s.

The trip is drawing well-deserved mockery.

Kamala Harris is just another narcissistic power-hungry politician who is learning that leadership isn’t as easy as it looks. Americans need to remember this moment.

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Tweet of the Day [Warning: Graphic]

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