Kamala Does The Unthinkable – US Attacked – Supreme Court Roe Shocker

Kamala Harris is at least partly responsible for pressuring the FBI to stop monitoring black supremacists such as Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks. Frontpage Magazine reports:

Two years ago, Senator Kamala Harris, along with Senator Cory Booker and six other Democrat Senate members, attacked the Justice Department for monitoring black supremacists. The politicians signed a letter falsely claiming that black identity extremists was “a fabricated term based on a faulty assessment of a small number of isolated incidents”.

And they argued that monitoring black racists was racist.

…What began with the media’s lies about Covington escalated to growing acts of terrorism until it reached its pinnacle with the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre by a racist killer who had cited the hateful teachings of the black supremacist Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

Where was the FBI?

Senate Democrats had forbidden the FBI from monitoring black supremacist terror groups. And the FBI had put political correctness over public safety by bowing to their racial dictates.

Yet more evidence that Kamala Harris is unfit to lead. America is a more dangerous place because of her.

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