Kamala Burns Her Career Down – Joe Is LEAVING – Democrats Plan BLOCKED

Another day, another disaster for Kamala Harris. 

And as usual, it was self-inflicted. This time, it was Kamala’s trip to Lake Mead to make a speech about climate change, via gas-guzzling SUV’s and private jets. And in a stunning lack of self-awareness, Harris tweeted images of her getting out of the SUV and into the jet.

“Nothing conveys your deep concern about carbon emissions than boarding a private jet to fly cross country to ‘discuss’ carbon emissions and how to save the planet from, well, from people like you!” conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tweeted.

Kamala Harris thinks that she’s better than everyone else. Its rules for thee and not for me. Its power outages and staying home for the middle class, jet-setting and caravans of GMC SUV’s for her.

She’s an absolute disgrace, but she’s not the only one. The entire ruling class feels the same way. She’s just the only one dumb enough to tweet about it.

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