Justin Trudeau may be forced to resign as Emergencies Act details emerge

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose tyrannical response to the trucker protests earned him the hatred of working-class people worldwide, may be forced to resign as the Canadian government is set to release information and evidence around Trudeau’s controversial use of the Emergencies Act. 

Trudeau’s political party held a vote on Wednesday that approved the “release the evidence it used to justify invoking the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa earlier this year.”

The use of the Emergencies Act was unprecedented as it was a wartime measure designed to ensure Canada could quickly respond to an outside threat.

Trudeau weaponized the Emergencies Act against his own people who were protesting Covid-19 vaccine requirements, and that decision could cost him his job.

Trudeau originally claimed that foreign funding of the protests had necessitated the use of the wartime powers, but that claim didn’t hold up. Further claims of police begging for Trudeau to use the act were also debunked.

We currently know that Trudeau and his government have repeatedly lied about the reason behind the use of the Emergencies Act.

Now we are going to learn the official truth as documents and evidence will be made public.

Trudeau isn’t the only slimy politician who could lose his job. Calls for other officials who lied about the use of the Emergencies Act have been growing louder, especially with the impending release of key information.

Unfortunately, this information isn’t set to be released until February of 2023. That seems to guarantee that there is some really damaging information in those documents that Trudeau hopes will be mitigated by the passage of time.