Just as he predicted, YouTube has removed a Trump interview that had racked over 5 million views In just 24 hours.

After the video racked up more than 5 million views in just 24 hours, YouTube banned an episode of the “Full Send” podcast featuring former President Donald Trump on Thursday night, citing a violation of YouTube’s “Terms of Service.”

In just 24 hours, a Trump interview has racked almost 5 million views. It’s been removed from YouTube, just as he predicted.

The podcast “Full Send” shared a message from YouTube explaining why the video was taken down. “Content that promotes false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or flaws influenced the outcome of the US presidential election in 2020 is not allowed on YouTube,” according to the statement.

During Wednesday’s podcast, Trump correctly predicted that if the hosts posted the entire 50-minute broadcast uncensored on social media, platforms like YouTube would restrict it, and the show would face blowback.

Trump sat down with the crew from the “Full Send” for an in-depth interview on everything from the oil crisis to the Joe Rogan scandal and everything in between, at the request of his buddy and Ultimate Fighting Championship founder Dana White.

Trump suggested near the end of the talk that Big Tech will “punish” the podcasters by removing the content as a result of his remarks.

“Here’s a test — everyone should take it. It will be a limited group of people who will be put to the test. This interview will be seen by millions of people — providing it isn’t tampered with; let’s see if they allow you; I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to chicken out, I promise it,” Trump said.

Foregeard stated in the interview that his squad was not “afraid of being hit” by Big Tech. The 24-year-old was proven wrong on Thursday evening. “Youtube has DELETED our trump episode that had over 5M views in 24 hours,” Foregeard tweeted.