Jussie Smollet Goes Down – Biden Humiliated In Front Of Putin – Tucker Carlson WRECKS CNN

1) Hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollet Goes Down HARD in cross-examination:

Tuesday’s cross examination felt like a masterclass in how to zero in on details and seal the deal. After a day of salacious speculation, innuendo, and tabloid fodder, Webb wanted to remind the jury what they were here to decide upon.

…it was clear that Webb had punctured a nerve with Smollett. After the actor tried to cast doubt on Abimbola’s testimony by claiming the two had been in a sexual relationship, Webb put the focus back on Smollett, pressing him in an intense series of back-and-forth exchanges about the specific details of the night in question. These included whether Smollett thought a Walgreens was open for 24 hours, why he was looking for eggs in the middle of the night, whether or not he’d asked Abimbola about a workout that night, and on and on until the actor seemed to hit a breaking point.

“I’m just concerned about answering yes or no,” Smollett told Judge James Linn after Webb began to strike one of his responses as “non-responsive.”

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2) Biden embarrassed himself in front of Putin today:

Mr. President, you have to unmute yourself.

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday opened a two-hour summit with waves hello — and some Biden virtual-meeting technical difficulties — before discussing concerns that Russia may invade Ukraine…

Biden seemed to start the dialogue with his microphone muted as his lips moved without audio.

“I welcome you, Mr. President,” Putin said through a translator.

“There you go,” Biden said moments later as he pressed a button to unmute himself.

“Hello! Ha, ha ha, ha, ha. Good to see you again,” Biden was finally able to reply.

“Good afternoon,” a smirking Putin said.

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3) Tucker Carlson BURNS CNN to the ground. This is hilarious: