Judge Says NO – Virginia Evidence EMERGES – Biden Breaks The Record

Just because the Democrats haven’t been successful in stealing the Virginia election doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

Conservative Brief reports:

Virginia Judge Michael Devine dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Virginia Institute for Public Policy alleging that election officials in Fairfax County improperly accepted absentee ballot applications.

The Virginia Institute for Public Policy’s complaint alleged that Fairfax County did not require mail-in ballot applicants to include the last four digits of their social security numbers, in violation of state law. 

The practice of accepting such ballots is unique to Fairfax County and, they argued, opens the door to voter fraud.

J. Christian Adams, a spokesperson for the Virginia Institute of Public Policy, said, “It is unfortunate that an important election will take place with the registrar of the largest county in Virginia breaking the law.”

“It isn’t fair to change the rules in the middle of the game,” Adams continued. “Fairfax is the only county [in Virginia] breaking the law.

Remember, Fairfax county is the same county that mysteriously delayed reporting on election day.

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