Joe’s Handlers Lose Control – Kamala Linked To Murder – Larry Elder Attacked

Joe Biden has repeatedly told us that he isn’t in charge – his handlers are. And he just told us again – although it appears that he was defying them for a moment.

Fox News reports:

President Biden continued his bizarre habit of implying his handlers call the shots from behind the scenes on Wednesday when he concluded remarks in honor of labor unions by saying what he was “supposed” to do.

“I‘m supposed to stop and walk out of the room,” Biden said after finishing prepared comments in the East Room of the White House.

Biden defied his handlers and didn’t immediately exit the room. However, the moment quickly reminded viewers that Biden has often suggested other people set the rules and dictate what he is allowed to do.

Like a memory-loss patient escaping the assisted living facility, Biden was loose for a few minutes, but quickly returned to the care of his staff.

I almost hold his handlers more responsible than him. They know that he is completely incapable of leading the country – and we have the proof. So what is their excuse for covering it up? They’re only in it to preserve their own power.

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Tweet of the Day:

Liberals wearing monkey masks are attacking a black conservative candidate. We’ve always known that they’re the true racists, but this is unbelievable.