Joe Rogan is taking out the liberal media | and more…

1) The mainstream media could be taken out by Joe Rogan and his merry band.

…the entire mainstream media machine could wind up falling at the hands of content creators like Joe Rogan.

Rogan generates so many views and has grown so quickly – strictly because he allows open dialogue, civil discourse and approaches things with honest intent – that there is no financial incentive to de-platform him. Ever notice how YouTube apparently had no problem taking down Rogan’s interview with Malone, but hasn’t banned Rogan’s channel from the site yet?

…I think the result of the seismic shift is going to be several-fold, but the most important revelation I’ve come to is that the mainstream media is losing the fight of its life over the Covid narrative.

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2) Michelle and Barack are trying a little too hard – aren’t they?

3) Soros prosecutors are unleashing a murder wave across the country.

Crime has been rising for several years now. The new concern is why, and how we can get it to stop. Again, there are many factors, but the rise of leftist prosecutors who are soft on crime must be at the head of the list.

It has been an unmitigated disaster. In the face of rising crime, the DA has alienated copsforced out career prosecutors, and rigged the bail system to dump more criminals back onto the streets. Between intentional weakness on crime and more conventional ineptitude, all of the gains of the 1990s and early 2000s have been erased. The average Philadelphian has a greater chance of being the victim of a crime than ever before. This is the “progress” leftist prosecutors have wrought.

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