Joe Rogan episodes PULLED from Spotify – he’s being canceled

If there’s one thing that cancel culture has taught us, it’s that apologizing to the mob only makes things worse.

Joe Rogan’s initial response to the Spotify cancelation saga was to be reasonable, even apologetic. That isn’t working. 3

Breitbart reports:

Spotify has mass-deleted at least 70 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience as the platform faces further calls to remove Rogan’s show from its platform. The deletions have nothing to do with coronavirus “misinformation” as they primarily date from before the pandemic, including shows with anti-woke academic Gad Saad, director Kevin Smith, and comedian and podcaster Theo Von.

Rogan should have known better than to apologize. He has no obligation to kowtow to the mob.

Right-wing Twitter made exactly this point: