Joe Manchin DOES IT – Judge Gives The Order – Biden Coronavirus Test

Joe Manchin is defying the entire Democrat party. It’s a “center right country” he says.

“I think we’re right in the middle — I always say center-right,” Manchin said. “But if you go too far right, there’s no chance to get anything done. You can’t govern.”

He’s right, but that won’t save him in the Democrat party. They’re out for blood. It’s time to switch parties, Joe. I can just imagine Chuck Schumer’s face when he gets the news.

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A judge has ordered the release of a Jan. 6th detainee after finding mistreatment. I can’t believe any of these defendants are being held – especially in a country where violent prisoners are being released with no bail because of the pandemic.

A member of the White House staff traveling with President Biden has tested postive for coronavirus.

China is mocking Joe Biden as “powerless.” Are they wrong?

#DoNotComply is trending, as Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate hits American workers hard. Mass civil disobedience could be next.

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To announce that there must be no criticism of the president… is morally treasonable to the American public. – Theodore Roosevelt