Joe, Kamala, Nancy And Chuck PANIC – Merrick Garland ATTACKS – Biden’s Dumpster Fire

1) Joe, Kamala, Nancy or Chuck – who will still be in power a year from now? All, none or some?

Less than one year in, however, almost everyone agrees that the Democratic Party is in freefall. As a litany of crises induced by ill-advised policies sweep the country, Democrats’ grip on power is now endangered by a disgruntled American public, a newly energized Republican Party, and internal divisions threatening to tear the Democrat coalition apart. In the wake of what can only be characterized as a historic (and perhaps even unprecedented) first-year failure, and with glaring individual shortcomings compounding their mismanagement of the government, Washington has a new parlor game. It’s called “Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck?” And the game is to guess which – if any – will still be in office one year from now.

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2) Merrick Garland declared war on American parents. And he lied about it in front of Congress.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Joe Biden’s Justice Department  for an ‘egregious abuse of power’ on Tuesday and demanded Attorney General Merrick Garland testify before Congress about the counterterrorism tactics the FBI is using to investigate parents.

‘In an egregious abuse of power with the potential to unfairly track Americans’ activities, President Biden’s Department of Justice is using FBI criminal and counterterrorism resources to target parents,’ McCarthy said in a statement.

‘Attorney General Garland must return to Congress to address, under oath, in detail, the discrepancies regarding the directives he issued involving investigating America’s parents,’ he demanded.

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3) Biden’s entire presidency is a dumpster fire. Byron York writes:

It’s a mess. To put it mildly, it is not good if you are a new president, less than a year into the job, and people in your own party are speculating that you can’t make it past one term and your vice president isn’t strong enough to succeed you.

All of this stems from one fact: Biden is too old to be president. Democrats knew when they chose him that Biden would be 82 at the end of his term and, if reelected, would serve until he was 86 years old. That is unprecedented in American history. On top of that, Biden has clearly slowed down in recent years — looking at videos from a decade ago, when he was vice president, he was noticeably more vigorous than he is today. (And it’s not as if Biden was ever a brilliant leader, capable of shouldering the responsibilities of the presidency, even in his prime.)

Put it all together, and the Biden White House, just months into power, has become a dumpster fire.

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