Joe Gets SLAMMED – New Jersey Vote BOMBSHELL – Trump Wins 4-0

Make no mistake: Joe Biden owns this one.

Voters rejected or humbled Democrats in races all across the country, not just in the prominent Virginia contest. It wasn’t just the pathetic mess in Loudon county, or Terry McAuliffe’s weird and broken campaign. It was a wholesale rejection of liberalism in places like New Jersy and Minneapolis as well.

That’s on Joe Biden. Kyle Smith put it well:

Ten months into the Biden Era, the American electorate has spoken up, and it sounds a lot like a rowdy, fired-up crowd at a college football game:

“Let’s Go Brandon!!!”

The catchphrase of the year — a sanitized way of saying “F–k Joe Biden” that amounts to a dual-warhead cruise missile raining down equal contempt on both our blundering president and the media who shamelessly cover for him — is a three-word encapsulation of everything the voters had to say to Democrats Tuesday, from Puget Sound to Long Island Sound.

Kinda looks like Joe Biden and pals hate ordinary Americans. This week the country is saying, “Right back at ya, gramps.”

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