Joe Faces Disaster – Kamala Shopping Spree – Star’s Daughter MURDERED

A new poll from liberal media giants ABC and the Washington Post shows that Republicans have the biggest midterm polling lead in 40 years. John Nolte writes: 

“Those are awful numbers and why the bottom is finally falling out of Biden’s approval numbers. Once you lose your base, it all comes apart. No doubt some sane Democrats are looking at what Biden’s done to this country and are worried. Sane Democrats are concerned with record inflation, a crippling spike in energy prices (especially with winter coming), violent crime, millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens being allowed in, our hostages in Afghanistan, and lunatic spending proposals.”

The wheels are coming off. The only question that remains is whether Republicans will find a way to screw it all up.

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Kamala Harris is on a shopping trip in Paris instead of working for the American people. While talking to the French press, she giddily showed off a collection of cookware to reporters. This is our leadership class – feckless, incompetent, grasping and shameless.

Chris Daughtry is “absolutely devastated and heartbroken” over the death of his stepdaughter, the singer said Saturday — as detectives reportedly told the family the 25-year-old woman was a victim of homicide.

A collection of big businesses and RINO’s in the Florida legislature are watering down Ron DeSantis vaccine mandate prohibition in Florida. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The New York Post has compiled a damning register of climate change predictions for the last 50 years. The sky is always falling for the alarmists.

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