Joe Biden’s ‘ultra-MAGA’ remarks are straight out of Putin’s playbook

President Biden has taken a page from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s playbook.

As someone who grew up in the Soviet Union, I am all too aware of the Soviet government’s divisive, inflammatory rhetoric and scapegoating tactics for maintaining permanent control over its own populace.

As a former DIA intelligence officer with a focus on Russian affairs and Putin’s doctrine, I’m astounded by the Democrats’ mastery of Soviet-style methods.

Joe Biden has recently labeled Americans with strong conservative views “ultra-MAGA,” citing his inability to control soaring inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and looming shortages of critical items such as baby formula, all of which are the direct result of his administration’s socialist policies.

This new narrative is nothing more than a ruse to further splinter the GOP’s already fraying cohesiveness by blaming Republicans for the country’s economic difficulties, in the hopes of luring more voters into the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections.

In early May, Biden told the media at the White House, “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.” He then doubled down on his attacks on conservatives, dubbing Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.) policy proposal the “ultra-MAGA agenda,” as he runs the GOP Senate campaign arm.

“It’s extreme, as most MAGA things are,” Biden said, referring to a catchphrase invented by awakened campaign consulting firms that spent six months looking for the words that get Americans the angriest. House advisers have apparently concluded that the name “MAGA is repellent to swing voters.”

This isn’t the first time Democrats have swayed American voters with rage, cruelty, and Soviet-style deception. Hillary Clinton famously referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorable” in September 2016.

She was busy manipulating the FBI through her campaign attorney to create an “October surprise” by fabricating a litany of false evidence that Donald Trump had been compromised by the Russian government.